In the wilderness you can fish without a permit, but not in certain protected waters. Protected waters are usually flowing waters (rivers and streams), and it is worth checking the local situation in advance. For any other fishing apart from angling and ice fishing, all 18 to 64-year-olds must buy the appropriate fishing permits.

- The Enontekiö wilderness 1551 permit includes excellent trout, Arctic char, greyling and whitefish fishing waters. You also need a permit for angling and ice fishing in Toskaljärvi, Luohtojärvi and Peera pond.
- In order to fish in Lätäseno, you need the Lätäseno 1550 permit. It gives you the right to fish in the Poroeno area from the mouth of the Harrijoki river. Lätäseno’s Vähäkurkkio is not included in the licensed area.

- In Könkämäeno, from Vuosku to Kilpisjärvi you need the Könkämäeno 1552 license.
- At Rajajoki, there is an additional Könkämäeno 2502 permit, which allows you to catch salmon between Vuoskujoki and Kilpisjärvi.
- In Alakönkämäeno in the Kelottijärvi district fishery board’s waters, you need a permit for Kelottijärvi, which can be purchased from the Vikkuri campsite.

You can find more information and permit sale locations on the Metsähallitus (the national body for the administration of forests) website Erä


In Kilpisjärvi’s permit zone 1613–1616, during hunting season you can hunt grouse, hare, small predators and waterfowl. You can find more information and permit sale locations on the Metsähallitus website Erä


In Kilpisjärvi you can use trails maintained by Metsähallitus, for which you need a permit. You can buy the permit from one of the several activity providers in Kilpisjärvi.

You can also pay to drive on trails maintained by Kilpisjärven Ladut, for which you can buy a so-called ’village permit’ from the Neste petrol station in Kilpisjärvi. Visitors to the area are only allowed to snowmobile on designated trails. Diverting from the designated trail will require a separate permit.