Frequently Asked Questions

How many people live in Kilpisjärvi?

Kilpisjärvi has about 100 permanent residents, a number which swells in season.

How long do the polar nights and the midnight sun last?
During polar nights, from 25 November to 17 January, the sun does not rise above the horizon at all. Similarly, during the midnight sun, the sun does not set below the horizon between 22 May and 25 July.

Are there lots of mosquitoes?
There are fewer mosquitoes in Kilpisjärvi compared to the rest of the country.

What is the climate in Kilpisjärvi?
Kilpisjärvi is in Finland’s fell region, and it experiences a harsh Arctic climate throughout the year. Kilpisjärvi has Finland’s longest winter and best snowfall, the longest skiing season and the coolest summer. The annual average temperature is -2.3°C (27.9°F). The average temperature in January is -13.6°C (7°F) and in July it is +10.9°C (51.6°F). You can see the Northern Lights up to three nights out of four in Kilpisjärvi, which is more often than anywhere else in Finland.

Where can I see reindeer?
In summer you can see reindeer in the Kilpisjärvi village, but in winter they spread over a large area further into the fells. A few tour companies organise trips to local reindeer farms and nearby fells. On a reindeer-feeding excursion, you can get within touching distance of the reindeer.

Where is the nearest ATM and currency exchange?
There is no ATM in Kilpisjärvi. You should bring cash to Kilpisjärvi, since power cuts are relatively common and data connections may falter. There are foreign currency exchange services in Kilpishalli. In Kilpisjärvi you can also pay in Norwegian krone.

What is the time difference with Sweden and Norway?
The time difference between Sweden/Norway and Finland is -1 hour, so Sweden and Norway are one hour behind Finland.

What do I need to remember at the border crossing point?
Finland and Norway both belong to the Schengen Area, so you may cross the border at any point, provided that you do not have any customs to declare. Nationals of Nordic countries may travel between countries without a passport, but they must be able to prove their identity at any time, for example, by showing a valid driving license.

When you are travelling with a pet (dog or cat), the pet must be tagged and be vaccinated against rabies. Pets must also have a pet passport which must be presented at the border crossing. Kilpisjärvi’s border crossing point is open 24 hours a day. Treatment against echinococcosis is not required if you are travelling with your pet directly from Finland to Norway. If you are travelling to Norway through Sweden, treatment against echinococcosis is required only for dogs. Dogs or cats under 3 months may not be taken to Norway. Circumstances relating to animal health may change very quickly and therefore requirements are also subject to change. It is best to check the current situation online before travelling on Evira’s website.

Where are the nearest service stations outside Kilpisjärvi?
From Kilpisjärvi’s Neste petrol station, the nearest service station going south is in Karesuvanto, 105km (65 miles) away. Towards Norway, the nearest service station is in Skibotn, 52km (32 miles) away.